Community Solar Criteria 

Acres Needed

*Minimum of 20 acres of unencumbered land

*Maximum of 400 acres of unencumbered land

*The landowner is prepared to sign a minimum 15-year lease to a 20-year lease.  As a qualified landowner, you will receive annual income for land that is currently non-productive. After the 15 to 20-year lease period has expired, the project can easily be removed, allowing the land to be preserved for future or resale.

Ideal for individual members who:

*Rent or lease their property but would like solar

*Have inadequate space, orientation, or too much shading

*Cannot budget an entirely private system at this time

*Want to access solar benefits as a wholesale cost 

How Does Community Solar Work?

1.-Members of a community who would like to participate in solar can invest different amounts toward a shared solar electric system in a public facility (in this case, a fire station).

2.-The solar energy savings produced by the installed solar array become revenue for the community solar subscribers.

3.-That revenue is returned to the community solar subscribers proportionate to their investment.

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